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Cavern of Wailing Souls by JHTriune
Cavern of Wailing Souls
It waits in hidden caves and hunts as often as possible, the vicious monster of caverns across the world.  It is rarely seen, it's slim body having bones flexible and small, it can slip between the tiniest cracks in the ground and passes through the trees with barely a whisper.  Older than man, this creature has no name in history, but for the few that know it exists call it the Beautiful Terror.

It has no need for much sustenance beyond the souls of the dead it tears apart with it's small but sharp claws and talons.  It has no stomach or reproductive parts, but it consumes the dead whole, after tearing the flesh.  After the flesh of it's victim is dissolved by the acid in it's chest, the bones clatter to the ground, but it keeps the skulls.  The souls of the dead are trapped in the skulls, not for food, but as eggs.  Over a thousand years, the souls of the dead are warped, twisted, become dark and deadly.  As the life wanes from the Terror, the new soul rises up, forces the old soul out, usually travelling to hell, and overtakes the flesh.  When the flesh is old, that is the worst time to be with the creature.  As the new soul rises, it senses the weakness and absorbs the blood of it's victim.  As it does, it needs to either flee or fight the old Terror.  They are solitary creatures, if remaining too long together they will destroy each other.  Not through violence but love.  As the desperation of wanting to live happens in each soul, the will attempt to merge with each other, and if successful, cause large explosions, killing the souls, rendering them into nothing.  No longer existing. At all.  Not heaven or hell, just nothing.  If unsuccessful, one is killed, the other damaged, and will hibernate.  If hibernation is successful, it will live, if not, it will also die.

No good comes from these creatures, no redemption, hell, pain, suffering, or ceasing to exist.

Free Wallpaper
Happy Halloween
Will be streaming the last bit of the FREE halloween HD wallpaper tonight.  Here is a link, will start in about 30 minutes or so.…
Stopped stream because it's not working.  Art.  Maybe I'm getting self conscious when I was drawing tonight, but for some reason I can't get it up. The muse has left the room I guess.  It didn't feel right.  

It's so weird.  I can draw and create a bizarre creature, yeah, no problem.  Humans? F/M doesn't matter it's like my brain goes into FU mode and suddenly it's like if it's not perfect, I SUCK.  I know it's not true, but just not getting it tonight.

Tomorrow will be longer.  The stream that is.  Just not jiving tonight.
Actually lot's of things but I didn't want the old journal up anymore.

So here's nothing for you.

Also buy my prints.


Thank you.

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I am, more or less, a self-taught artist. I took art in high school, but everything else has been study on my own.

I do Triune, an online comic. I write while Federico does the artwork. If you'd like to check it out the website URL is below, and there is a store now too:

Visit my store on Storenvy

Livestream Profile Found Here:…


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