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Yes and no.

Triune will be moved to SmackJeeves, I don't know for how long.  I will be keeping the domain name, but once my account expires with hostmonster, that's it.  There are several factors concerning this decision, well, mostly just money.  Hostmonster has become more expensive because we're struggling financially.  That's the big one.

So, what about new updates?  Well...

Not for awhile.  I'm behind on my payments to the artist, and although he's a nice guy and all, I can't just have him keep drawing pages if I can't afford them anymore.  So for the time being, we are on an indefinite hiatus.

Indefinite?  No that's not right, just a hiatus I suppose.  I need to get my financial shit together, get back to commissions of a different nature, and start catching up to repayments and such (not just Federico).  So for now, I'm backing up the MySQL databases, I have all the original (or most) files, and have been keeping track of every bit of money flowing in or out of the site.

So for people who are fans and want to continue reading, just be patient.  For those that follow me on FB personally or at the official Triune facebook page, there is a huge announcement coming in June, unrelated to Triune, but will still affect it. So look out for that in June.

I will, more than likely, still be releasing images for Triune, because I still enjoy drawing Triune, fully.  I love this world and the characters, and I'm not going to stop, even if I go back to drawing it myself again.

Till next time,
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Submitted on
March 26, 2015